June Hankins is a figurative oil painter and multimedia artist involved in the classical realist movement. 

 Her work embodies symbolism, dream-states, moods and feelings including female figures and animals creating stories left to the viewers interpretations.                                                                                                            

 June’s journey with art began in high school where she was awarded independent study.  Then picked it back up years later (2012), when she discovered the School of Representational Art (SORA) in Chicago, established to train a new generation of artists in the traditions of the Old Masters. 

 Her passion to acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully create an image, showing emotion and transferring the painter’s feelings to the viewer, led her to continue apprenticeships under several Ateliers including, not limited to, Ravenswood Atelier in Chicago, Sora Chicago and Charles Cecil Studios, Florence, Italy. 

                     Present day, June works on her creative figurative compositions, sculptures and commissions in her private studio in metro Detroit.   Many of her paintings have been privately collected from exhibits in New York, Chicago and Detroit.